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I caught this doe in the rear field this morning. I have got to get that fence repaired in the beck. Usually deer are active at dusk and dawn but this young lady was out and about around 9:30am. Not a good sign. I also caught a jack rabbit in the front garden yesterday. I won’t use chemicals to keep them out. I use hair clippings (they hate the smell of humans) I get from the local salon and I need to build a scarecrow.

Broccoli                                                   Cabbage


Corn – Planted at about 10 days apart. You can see the difference between the middle and right pic. The right pic was rototilled once again before planting so the grass is really staying out of the way as compared to the middle pic. The sweet corn looks lush green and very healthy!

Cucumbers                                                 Pumpkins

Leaf Lettuce                                                Spinach

Roma Tomatoes                                        Supersonic Tomatoes

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It’s Good to be Back!

Where have I been? Great question and I’ll give you the quick answer. I was critically ill. Crazy huh? I posted that I had a fever and stomach flu well, that’s what the ER said. A day or so later I went to my GP and he admitted me to the hospital immediately. I ended up with a pretty bad case of double pneumonia. 12 days later, I’m regaining my strength back here on the farm.

Here are some pictures I just took of the farm. My theme was beauty and color. No, I’m not turning soft just yet just thought we could all use a little more beauty in our days.





Pepper                                                              Tomato

Dill                                                                    Tomatoes

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